“Talking Stones” is exploring the effects of the Israeli colonial policies of apartheid in the cities of Acres and Hebron, in a project of a Palestinian pavillon introducing to alternate narratives and practices of the memory of the places, the appartenances, exiles and return.

It consists of two workshops, Studio Palestine and Topographies, from August 29th to September 5th, 2018 and an exhibition at the Guglielmo Pepe barracks on the island of Lido, in the Venetian lagoon with the welcoming of the Urban Biennale / Esperenzia Pepe.

The “Talking Stones” project is initiated by MedFil Humanities Institute thanks to the participation of Venetian partners (PAS-E, Production Art & Sound and BURB, Biennale Urbana) as well as international ones. The team is working with a self-constituted body of local volunteers in Palestine, composed of students, young workers, architects and artists, inhabitants, collaborating with Italian participants.


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