The Political Studies in the Near and Middle East seminar focuses on the epistemological and political issues of the contemporary condition, new forms of praxis and political agency, the genealogies of violence, the languages ​​of memory, and politics of knowledge at the crossroads of researches in the regions of the Near and Middle East in the global.
It confronts an expanded body of human and social sciences towards Art & Media and political studies in a context of an international exchange.

It brings together researchers, scholars, doctoral students, artists, writers at: Medfil Humanities Institute (France-Palestine) / LLCP-Paris 8 University Laboratory  (Saint-Denis, France) / Inter-University Research Center Experice-Paris 8 University (Saint-Denis, France) / Mesopotamia Academy of Social Sciences (Qamishli, Rojava-Syria) / Sorhawardi Center (Soulaymaniah, KRG-Iraq) / University of Souleymaniah (KRG-Iraq) / Thesis 11 (Tehran, Iran) / Inter-Zones (Paris, France) / De-Colonizer Laboratory (Palestine-Israel).

Research Staff: Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8 / Inter-zones), Naji El Khatib (Medfil Humanities Institute), Valentin Schaepelynck (Experice-Paris-8), Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun (Paris 7 / Medfil Humanities Institute), Marina Nebbiolo di Castri (Medfil Humanities Institute), Amir Kianpour (LLCP-Paris 8 / Thesis 11), Mansur Tayfuri (LLCP-Paris 8 / Sohrawardi Center), Engin Sustam (Experice-Paris 8 / Geneva University).

Scientific Correspondants: Rabab Ibrahim Abdulahdi (San-Francisco State University), Morad Farhadpour (Porsesh Institute / Thesis 11), Somayeh Rostampour (GTM-Paris 8), Hassan Koç (Mesopotamia Academy of Social Sciences), Suhaib Nadir Amin (Sorhawardi Center / Sulaymaniyah University), Éléonore Bronstein Merza (De-Colonizer Laboratory / CNRS), Eitan Bronstein Aparicio (De-Colonizer Laboratory).

Seminar 2016-2018 :