Documentry Films (MedFil-CONTRE-CHAMPS / MedFil diffusion)


Inside the huge movement of globalization, the intensification of international conflicts and political repression, the expropriation, the speculation generalized, and the economic and environmental crisis shakes more deeply our world and our lives.

Documentary filmmakers, photographers and image artists observe and trace the effects of the convulsions in which women and men go out sometimes worthy, sometimes bruised. In these films the word, the speech is essential; it is through it that we seek our place within society.

Together or individually, in front of the camera we ask fundamental questions.

MedFil-CONTRE-CHAMPS gathers and presents a body of films and images from daily life scenes, from workshops, enabling their visibility. Through this, we can guarantee the diversity of themes and subjects which composes these scenes of our world. It is also a tool of openness to the world and on the universe of people involved in changing their lives.

CONTRE-CHAMPS presents documentary and fiction films by assuming the crossover since each work is constructed mainly with the creative force of the imagination.

Marina Nebbiolo, creator of CONTRE-CHAMPS, community activist, anthropologist and filmmaker, formed by Jean Rouch (cinema of the real) was for years listening to the social movements. In 2005-2006, she witnessed the riots in the suburbs during the struggle against the CPE, a breaking wave that marks a point of no return for the social movements in France and Europe. The video recordings are the result of collective work of investigation in the Ile-de-France conducted by a team of students and researchers (Italian and French) with the people of the peripheral towns.

The completion in 2007 of the documentary series of five short films was the main work of Marina Nebbiolo:

To know more about Marina Nebbiolo and her films: read in the French section of the site the article (in French) entitled:

“The social riots of 2005-2006, from the image to the imagination operated by the real”

MedFil Music : Young artistes

MedFil: Umbrella organization for Pas-E (Production of Arts and Sound Ensemble) and Dj Falafel

The basic idea of this cooperation is to bring together composers and artists chosen for their quality around an instrumental music project, open to other artistic expressions. This attitude allows us to form groups of young professionals and students who are implementing a variety of proposals while making art objects that express a vision choir.

Partnership with:

« Fondazione Querini Stampalia », Italie

«  Cultura Venezia Futura », Venice, Italie

«  Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti », Venice, Italie


Education and Visuelle Anthropology (MedFil /CUEM/AOSI TV)


MedFil’s team has a long experience in the field of training for the Integration of the audiovisual tools (video, photography, sound recording) besides other applied tools and devices in the fields of the education. MedFil’s team is shaped by the school of the Ethnographic Cinema initiated by Jean Rouch.( cinema direct conception, cinema of the real).

Marina Nebbiolo who is in charge of team, has studied visual anthropology in the “Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales” (EHESS), and documentary film at the Ecole de Cinéma Direct Varan. She was formed later by J. Rouch and assisted him at the Comité du Film Ethnographique of the “Musée de l’Homme” in Paris.

The visual anthropology is deploy in this training according to the methodology defined by the concept of the “Direct cinema” that “associates the rigor of scientific research to the art of movie expression” (Jean Rouch, 1968) in order to organize audiovisual archives from the observed fields and at the same time, share these observations through the eyes of the other

Education, Critical Philosophy, Ethics and TIC: Euro-Mediterranean cooperation

E-learning (web, ISDNv, Educational web TV): MedFil/CUEM/Oasi TV

2003 – 2013

This is a project initiated by MedFil, the CUEM (Master of philosophy, ethics and humanities) and the Oasi (care institution: hospital, medical research: IRCSS and satellite TV (antenna Bianca).

MedFil deployed its expertise in the fields of visual anthropology to create an application field for the students of the Master of the CUEM and to materialize the cooperation between the CUEM and the Oasi institution in Italy.

Indeed, the CUEM as a network of Mediterranean universities, as well as the OASI Institution, are in need for a tool for the dissemination of the ethical philosophy of both institution. The shared values and the shared philosophy between the CUEM and the Oasi was materialized thanks to the hundreds of students and teachers participating in these residential training sessions at the Cittadella of the OASI. Medfil participation was crucial in this dissemination objectives thanks for the E-Learning by videoconference and tutoring.

MedFil participation has guaranteed the dissemination of the philosophy of the OASI and the CUEM through these courses that began from 2003 until 2012. Educational Web-TV and the educational satellite TV of the OASi (antenna Bianca) completed these efforts of spreading the philosophy of the OASI and the CUEM. Thus, this cooperation project between MedFil, CUEM, OASI TV aimed to create a bridge between education, academic research institutions, economic and social sectors. That is to say, the creation of a place where we can link higher education to the realities of the social field, cultural, economic and health stakes.