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Research Project Note 2018-2019: Feminist Studies in Palestine

CENTRE FOR FEMINIST STUDIES – Palestine A Contributive Research Project (under-construction): Applied Sociology/sociology of Intervention/clinical sociology/socio-analyze approach. Theoretical framework: The French sociology: The contribution of the  “Institutional Analysis” and/or the “Socio-analysis” of Georges Lapassade, Remi Hess, René Lourau as the essence Read more…

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Naji El Khatib: The State in the Near and Middle East: Politics and Epistemology at Stake

Naji El Khatib lecture within the seminar for political studies in the middle-east in Paris 8 University on January 24th will deal with the complex situations in the region of near and Middle-East by developing a critical reflection on the notions of Identity, Nation, State-Nation, Nation-Building, Frontiers according to a multiply factors as geographic locations, economic, political and social contexts. This critical approach concern the whole area of the Near-Middle East in general and more specifically with regard to the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples. (more…)

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