The Institute

MedFil Humanities Institute

Independent, non partisan and non-profit education

84 Boulevard Garibaldi

75015 Paris-France

Tel/Fax: +33 956 40 02 51

(Registered in France under the Law of Assoc. of 1901 number: R.N.A: 20030003/3555)

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MedFil Education: MedFil is a non-profit organization for the production of knowledge and the development of education, research, and training in the Euro-Mediterranean space;

Medfil practices the scientific, cultural and artistic ‎exchanges and collaborations through trans-border actions;

MedFil Art & Culture: MedFil initiates partnerships and collaborations with artists and curators, and other institutions which offered professional support – both in intellectual terms, as well as in relation to production.

MedFil is a partner of Production Art & Sound (

MedFil is a partner of the Consortium of the Euro-Mediterranean Universities (, An-Najah National University (

MedFil is a partner of Global Village Institute-Palestine (



President: Professor Sonia D. Herzbrun,


Dr. Naji El Khatib

Dr. Marina Nebbiolo